StArt of Cool (SOC) is a jazz education program that launched June 23-28, 2014. SOC is a pilot program that provides education for students interested in learning more about the performance and fundamentals of jazz. The mission of SOC is to introduce students to jazz music through:

a. Private Lessons

b. Jazz Theory/Improvisation Classes

c. Small group rehearsals

d. Jam sessions

e. Interactions with professional musicians

f. Introduction to aspects of the business of music

g. Final concert performance

In tandem with Global Scholars Academy, the Durham Community, and local musicians, the Art of Cool (AOC) launched The stArt of Cool Education Program during the summer of 2014. The stArt of Cool introduced twenty-three 3rd-7th grade scholars to the fundamentals of jazz performance. Under the directorship of trumpeter Al Strong, associate professor at Saint Augustine’s University and adjunct professor at the widely acclaimed North Carolina Central University Jazz Studies program, the program strives to inspire music and cultural education experiences which foster a profound appreciation and understanding of jazz specifically, and music in general.

About Art of Cool

The Art of Cool (AOC) is a 501(c)(3) jazz presenting non-profit organization that strives to cross artistic, economic and social boundaries to bring together a diverse mix of people, cultures, experiences and creativity.The mission of AOC is to present, promote and preserve jazz-influenced music in ways that build and uplift community. AOC’s two major programs are Art of Cool Festival and stArt of Cool. AOC was founded in Durham, NC in 2010 and is spearheaded by jazz trumpeter and educator, Albert Strong IV, and Cicely Mitchell, DrPH of Al Strong Music Productions.

The Art of Cool’s Core Values:

1. To Present the Best Jazz in the Triangle

2. To Build a Culture excited about jazz

3. To Expand the Triangle jazz audience

4. To Educate young musicians





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  1. Partnering with the Art of Cool was a wonderful experience for our students. The experiences truly brought out the hidden talents in our students. Thanks again to the Art of Cool. We look forward to partnering with you.

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  2. I am so excited to learn about the Art of Cool and Start of Cool music Ed programs. I think they are so demanding for our children today, music is truly the answer to today’s current programs, and especially the struggles many of our kids face daily.
    Briefly about me, I am Andrew Prince, I’m a hip hop producer, sax player, and middle school Orchestra teacher in CMS. It would be my honor to help expand SOC to the 704/Rock Hill area. If not then I still want to be involved. Please contact me at my email. I am so interested in making this happen. Thank you all for SOC.


  3. How do you register your child for the camp? Very interested!


    • Roz! I do apologize for not responding. Was on the road and now just getting around to website stuff again. Unfortunately the camp was closed to the general public this time as we have not been able to raise enough funding to take the program to other schools. Please be on the look out for future opportunities. Thank you!


  4. Is registration currently open?


    • Hello Ashley! For the past few years we exclusively offered the camp to students of Global Scholars Academy. This year we will attempt to do an open enrollment camp towards the end of July of beginning of August. Please stay tuned and drop your email to us for a follow up. Thanks so much for your support!



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